MXR csp104 Distortion+ Limited Edition Hand Wired Distortion


  • $218.00

The MXR Vintage Script Logo Distortion+ turned out to be a surprising pedal for me. Refreshing even. A distortion pedal with two knobs thats been around since the 70s shouldnt be much of a surprise by now. And yet it was. Theres a certain tone from this pedal that sort of straddles both the overdrive/distortion and fuzz spectrums in such a simple and effective way that you dont see much of nowadays. In the pedal world there are many dirt pedals that have multiple tone controls, bias knobs, switches to choose between germanium or silicon chips, boost features, etc. Not the Distortion+. With just two controls, what you get is a pure tone that harkens back to the 70s and 80s when distorted guitars ruled the world.

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