Jonny Rock Gear Echorus - Violet

Jonny Rock Gear Echorus - Violet

Jonny Rock Gear

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The "Echorus" is basically a very short echo on which is applied an optical vactrol based modulation. It creates a warm and organic chorus effect.

It can be used as a doubler effect to expand your sound dimension when "DEPTH" and "SPEED" controls are set at minimum.

For a regular gentle chorus tone, set the "D TIME" control at minimum, and the "DEPTH" around 11 o'clock. At longer delay time you'll get deeper modulation and more detuned sounds.

Flip the switch to kill the dry signal and get cool and warm "vibish" tones. You can also reach special alien effects at extreme setting.

Available in two different colours!

Main features are: 

  • Adjustable delay time from about 30-55ms

  • Optical vactrol based modulation

  • Toggle switch that kills the dry signal

  • "DEPTH" and "SPEED" modulation adjustment

  • Organic chorus tone

  • Warm "vibish" sounds and out of space effects

  • Tempo indicator (LED)



  • Powder coated die cast aluminum enclosure w/silk screened art work

  • DC output w/negative center compatible w/std 9V AC adaptor

  • 5mm Green Water Clear LED indicator (ON/OFF)

  • 3mm Green Water Clear LED indicator (Tempo speed)

  • Professionnal Jacks Neutrik® NMJ4HCD2 

  • True bypass design



  • SPEED: Adjusts the rate of modulation

  • DEPTH: Sets how much modulation is applied to the delayed signal

  • D TIME: Determines the echo time (≈35ms-55ms)

  • TOGGLE Switch: Kills the dry signal

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