Fairfield Circuitry ~900 Four Knob Fuzz

Fairfield Circuitry ~900 Four Knob Fuzz

Fairfield Circuitry

  • $196.00

And when things are combined, is anything lost? And when something is lost, will there ever be more?

But what is the gain?

The ~900 is a ferocious fuzz pedal featuring two cascading JFET gain stages. Tracing its lineage back to our discontinued Four Eyes Fuzz, it offers a very wide range of gain, adds delicious harmonics and, if given the opportunity, will slap the ice cream cone right out of your hand.

The four highly interactive controls are:

INPUT - input gain
FUZZ - second stage gain
BIAS - second stage bias and gain
VOLUME - output level


• true bypass
• dimensions: 2.7"x4.4"
• input impedance: 1MΩ
• output impedance: <5kΩ
• power supply: 9 - 9.6VDC 
• current draw:  10mA @ 9.6VDC

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