Gibson Brite Wire 'Reinforced' Electric Guitar Strings Medium Gauge 11-50


  • $13.39 CAD
  • Save $4.00 CAD

Brite Wire 'Reinforced' Electric Guitar Strings

  • Reinforced carbon core for superior durability
  • Nickel-plated steel wound for powerful tone and sustain
  • Developed and tested by Gibson Master Luthiers
  • Medium Gauge: .011 .014 .018 .028 .038 .050
  • These strings, developed by Gibson Master Luthiers, are loved by fans and artists around the world and adorn every solid body electric guitar built in our Nashville, TN Gibson USA facility. Brite Wires are precision-wound with nickle-plated steel to give your guitar a bright, crisp attack with superior volume and sustain. With a reinforced high-strength carbon core, these are the best performing strings for your electric guitar.

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