Gretsch Deltoluxe Acoustic Soundhole Pickup


  • $90.00

The Gretsch Deltoluxe magnetic soundhole pickup creates versatile electrified acoustic tone and reproduces the true sound of your instrument, without the "quack" of a piezo pickup. This pickup excels when plugged into a small tube combo amp for vintage-inspired bluesy tones to Hawaiian-style slide playing and anything in-between. The tortoiseshell and chrome design is inspired by the timeless look of some of the first pickup designs from the 1940’s while also incorporating modern functionality.

Includes end-pin mounted jack that is hardwired to the pickup. Easily mounts to most acoustic guitars and can be permanently mounted by a qualified technician.


  • Single-coil soundhole pickup
  • Mounts easily into most acoustic guitars
  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • DC Resistance: 14.6k, Inductance: 8.0 Henries
  • Includes internal cable from pickup to ¼" end-pin jack
  • Used in Gretsch Jim Dandy Series acoustics

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