Jonny Rock Gear Pop Corner Overdrive

Jonny Rock Gear Pop Corner Overdrive

Jonny Rock Gear

  • $179.99 CAD

The "Pop Corner" won't be the all around main overdrive of your pedalboard. There's much more attitude and character to take out of it. Its unique sounding is certainly due to its circuitry designed by ears, cause we tried to forget electronic laws while prototyping and just let the mojo flow through our feelings. We were looking at something versatile from light driven blues to modern rock where you can also find some hard funk and squashed grunge tones in between. On top of it, the "Pop Corner" cleans perfectly as you turn down your guitar volume pot.

Add it some "Butter" and "Salt" to your taste !


  • True bypass design

  • Powder coated die cast aluminum enclosure w/silk screened graphic

  • DC output w/negative center compatible w/std 9V AC adaptor

  • 3mm white water clear LED indicator

  • From Hard Funk to Heavy Rock overdriven tones

  • From very open to extremely squashed tones


  • Size (volume), Butter (gain), and Salt (tone)

  • Switch: compression (on/off) - More Clipping

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