Marshall Footswitch for Origin Series PEDL90016

Marshall Footswitch for Origin Series PEDL90016


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Marshall's PEDL90016 is is a 2-way latching foot-switch that has been made for the Origin series.

The first switch will activate the gain boost available in all models to give you that added crunch. The second switch enables you to bypass your FX loop. The footswitch has indicator lights that inform you when the controls are active.

Marshall's heavy-duty PEDL-90016 foot-switch will allow you to enjoy hands-free control of your amp's channel switching and FX Loop functions, utilizing two dual-latching switches. Two LEDs indicate whether the switches are on or off. A stereo jack plugs into your amp's pedal connection.


  • 2-Way
  • For Origin Series
  • Original footswitch Marshall Pedl90016
  • Two dual-latching switches
  • Twin LED indicators
  • Stereo jack amp connector
  • Boost FX Loop
  • Control LED
  • The first switch activates the gain boost, which is responsible for the additional crunch in all models
  • The second switch allows the bypass of the effect loop

The PEDL-90016 is designed to work with Marshall Origin and newer version DSL series amplifiers.

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