MEINL Backbeat Bass Cajon - Natural Luan

MEINL Backbeat Bass Cajon - Natural Luan

Oxbow Audio Lab

  • $179.99 CAD

The Meinl Backbeat Bass Cajon is a superb choice for drummers and percussionists who need to emphasise low end in their music. The cajon's construction features a built-in port that helps focus its bass tone, delivering a full range of sound that adds depth to your acoustic performances or jam sessions. The front plate responds with a warm tone, and the internal adjustable micro-coiled steel strings provide a clean, contemporary snare drum snap that is ideal for today's popular music.

• Ported wood construction delivers massive bass and earthy harmonics
• Built to help bass tones and palm strikes stand out in a mix
• Mic-friendly bass port adds depth to acoustic performances
• Excels for contemporary kick-and-snare cajon effects
• Adjustable micro-coiled steel strings give this cajon a cutting snare tone
• Can also be dialled in to mimic more traditional Peruvian cajon sounds

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