MEINL Cymbals Mandala Drum Rug- 200 cm x 160 cm


  • $219.99 CAD

At 6.5ft (200 cm) wide x 5.25ft (160 cm) deep, the Meinl Drum Rug accommodates any number of full-size kit arrangements plus your throne to keep you centered and ready to play. This rug features artwork by Meinl Cymbals artist, Aric Improta. Called “Mandala”, this piece is completely designed by hand. “I love starting from the center and working my way out. It’s quite similar to building a song or solo in the sense that they are both inspired by one initial idea, then you do your best to add one layer at a time until it feels complete. The balance of trying to make everything symmetrical while dealing with the inevitable human error of illustrating by hand feels very similar to drumming, especially in our attempts to keep perfect time while simultaneously maintaining an organic, human feel.” — Aric Improta. Like an emergency brake for hardware, the top of the rug is made with a super durable and densely spun fabric that your stands can grip onto and your spurs can dig down into. Rolling the rug out, you'll notice its thick rubber underside. This creates a non-slip grip on virtually any type of floor material while protecting sensitive surfaces from your hardware spurs. The Meinl Drum Rug is equipped with a hook-and-loop strap to keep it neatly rolled up in the back of your vehicle. Includes travel bag.

•Design by: Aric Improta
•Size: 6.5ft (200 cm) x 5.25ft (160 cm)
•Feature 1: Tightly woven fabric creates a strong grip with spurs and stands
•Feature 2: Durable, non-slip rubber bottom
•Feature 3: Equipped with strap and includes bag
•Design: Mandala
•Color: Black/White

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