MEINL Luke Holland Signature Drumsticks


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Precision accompanied by a smooth blend of speed and power is a quick way to describe Luke's incredible skills behind the kit, but that doesn't fully describe his unique ability. It is, however, an accurate description of his NEW Signature Drumstick. Starting with US-selected hickory, the diameter falls between 5A and 5B, which makes it work for many drummers and applications. A length just past 16" and a short taper work together to achieve a great balance of both speed and power when needed. The round ball tip produces clarity on both the cymbals and drums, and the shoulder is thicker for greater durability.
"After receiving my first official pair of signature drumsticks from Meinl Stick & Brush, I can confidently say this is the first time I have experienced the feeling of a drumstick becoming an extension of my arm, rather than an accessory to get the job done. As someone who needs a fluent combination of power & finesse, I am very proud of this stick & what it allows me to accomplish behind the kit."Ā 

Luke Holland

ā€¢Feature 1: Weight Matched
ā€¢Feature 2: Pitch Matched
ā€¢Feature 3: Model-Based Weight Selection
ā€¢Tip: Round
ā€¢Taper Length: Short
ā€¢Diameter: 14.7mm / 0.58ā€³
ā€¢Length: 41.1cm / 16.2ā€³
ā€¢Made in: Germany
ā€¢Material: American Hickory
ā€¢Weight: Medium

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