Strymon Zuma R300 Power Supply


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High Horsepower, Low Profile.

Zuma R300 is the highest horsepower, most technologically advanced low profile effects pedal power supply. You get clean, rock-steady power for your 9V, 12V and 18V effects pedals in a pedalboard friendly, expandable package, giving you room to grow. Zuma R300’s ultra-low profile design means that it can fit under just about any pedalboard.

Dual-stage topology, pre-regulated outputs, optically isolated feedback, and advanced multistage filtering result in a power supply that allows your pedals to achieve their highest possible dynamic range.

Dual isolation.

Zuma R300’s all analog circuitry offers two stages of isolation, completely eliminating ground loop and AC line noise issues, allowing your pedals to sound like they were designed to sound.

Ultra-Low Profile.

Zuma R300’s ultra-low profile design means that it can fit under just about any pedalboard. With built in threaded hardware, mounting to your board is simple.

Conveniently expandable

The Zuma R300 pedalboard power supply has enough juice to power five high-draw pedals. But not to worry — the R300 expands as your needs do. It features a 24-volt thru jack for adding additional Strymon Ojai 5-output power supplies to your board. And since the Ojai series boasts the Zuma's same clean-signal technology and flawless performance, it's the perfect way to expand your R300.

Built for the traveling guitarist

The Strymon Zuma R300 is engineered to handle the demands of today's gigging guitar and bass players. Besides its impressive powering capabilities, the R300 is built extremely rugged. Its anodized aluminum chassis will protect its circuitry for years to come, whether mounted on top of or underneath your board. The R300 even boasts the ability to work with various voltages (120-volt, 240-volt, and 100-volt) around the world, making it irreplaceable on many pedalboards.

Zero-noise, Worldwide Pedal Power

The all-analog Strymon Zuma R300 packs five pedals' worth of clean-burning FX fuel into its compact aluminum chassis. Like the elder Zuma, the R300's 500mA outlets are more than capable of powering your high-draw digital reverbs, delays, and loopers. The R300's 2-stage isolation completely eliminates ground loops and AC line issues for noise-free performance. It even has a switchable 12-volt/18-volt outlet to keep you from having to run separate power supplies. Worldwide power and expandability down the road make the Strymon Zuma R300 a power supply you can keep on your board forever. A detachable IEC power cable facilitates tidier travel.

Strymon Zuma R300 5-outlet Pedal Power Supply Features:

  • Power supply for up to 5 guitar/bass FXpedals
  • Tour-tough aluminum chassis
  • 4 standard 9-volt/500mA outlets
  • 1 switchable 9/12/18-voltoutlet (375mA @12V, 250mA @18V)
  • All-analog circuitry with 2-stage isolation keeps pedal performance noise free
  • Switching power supply can be used with different voltages (120V, 240V, and 100V) around the world
  • Expandable via Strymon Ojai and Ojai R30 units
  • Detachable IEC power cable keeps travel tidy
  • Includes 5 pedal power cables: 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel connectors, right angle to straight, center negative


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